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Nordic Winner Show

December 11, 2011


Today at the Nordic Winner Show in Stockholm, Sweden:

Aziz Ihsan “Ice” won intermediate class and R-CAC.

Judge: Knut Fr. Blütecher from Norway

Norwegian Winner Show

November 27, 2011


Today at the Norwegian Kennel Club Int. Dog Show in Lillestrøm:

Aziz Ihsan “Ice” BD-2, R-CACIB —-> CACIB, CAC.

Judge: Brit Schøne Brodvall from Norway

New title for Ice at the Danish Winner Show 2011

November 06, 2011


We are very proud of Ice!

Today at the International Danish Kennel Club Show in Herning, Denmark he won the Danish Winnertitle 2011 – DkV-11. He was also best male and won the CACIB and CAC. This CAC make him be a Danish and Nordic champion in the same moment he achieves Norwegian championchip.

The rules in nordic countries are that a dog must be over 2 years old in order to achieve a championship. The breed was judged by Stefan Sinko from Slovenia.

4 x CAC and 3 x BOS in two weekends!

October 22-23 and 29-30, 2011


Two weekends in a row, there were four national dog shows in Letohallen, 45 minutes drive from us. “Ice” Aziz Ihsan was showed on all four days with good results for four different judges.


October 22, 2011
Norsk Miniatyrhund Klubb, Nat.
Judge: Steven Seymour, Australia

October 23, 2011
Norsk Miniatyrhund Klubb Avd. Oslo/Akershus.
Judge: Rita Reyniers, Belgium

October 29, 2011
Norsk Dalmatiner Klubb, Nat.
Judge: Matti Luoso, Finland

October 30, 2011
Norsk Lhasa Apso Klubb, Nat.
Judge: Gabriela Veiga, Portugal
Exc, CQ, CAC, BD-2


NORD & DK CH is officially confirmed

October 11, 2011


Today we have received a letter from the Danish Kennel Club. “Whisky” is now officially confirmed both the Danish and Nordic Champion.

He is now: INT NORD NO SE DK CH Noor Inca Alfa Romeo Visconti

Double up at Int. KC Show in Hamar

October 10, 2011


Today at the International Dog Show in Hamar:

Aziz Ihsan “Ice” BOB, CACIB, CAC. Aziz Fazel “Pipa”, his half sister, BOS, CACIB, CAC and… new Norwegian Champion.

Judge: Birgitta Svarstad from Sweden.

A splendid day for Aziz salukis!

New Danish and…. Nordic Champion!!!

September 18, 2011


At the big international allbreed KC show in Bjerringbro, Denmark “Whisky” C.I.B N UCH S UCH Noor Inca Alfa Romeo Visconti:

BOB & BIG-2 with CACIB & CAC under judge Annette Bystrup from Denmark.
He became New Danish Champion and finished Nordic Championchip!

I’m so proud!

At KC Int. Show in Stavanger – “A dog of great quality”

September 10, 2011


What a nice day in Stavanger!

Today “Ice” was Best Dog with CACIB & CAC at the Norwegian Kennel Club Int. Show. It was his first CACIB!

We will remember this great words from the judge Göran Bodegård from Sweden: “En hund av stor kvalitet!” (A dog of great quality).

And of course we are very proud!

Brand New Europa Junior Winner-11 in Leeuvarden, Holland

September 3, 2011


At the European Winner Show in Holland Ice won the junior class and he is now:

DE & VDH JCH, EuJSg´11, FCI-100-JW´11 – EuJW-11 Aziz Ihsan.

With this win he is qualified for Crufts 2012! Judge was Stelios Makaritis, from Greece.

Norwegian Kennel Club Int. Show in Oslo

August 21, 2011


At the international allbreed KC show in Oslo, Ice won the intermediate class and was 4th best male with CAC for sighthound specialist Knut Fr. Blütecher, from Norway.
It was his sixth Norwegian CAC!

Whisky ended the day with EXC and CQ in a hudge champion class.

Main saluki show in Norway – Saluki Specialty

August 20, 2011


At the Norwegian Saluki Specialty Ice (Aziz Ihsan) won the reserve-CAC under Juan Carlos Vasconsellos (kennel Anjal Sahara), from Paraguay.

He was also BIS-intermediate class.

Great weekend at “Skokloster Summer Show” in Lövudden

July 24-25, 2011


“Skokloster-2011″, Sweden’s largest sighthound show was successful for both of the boys!

24.07 was the day for the Saluki Specialty. Junior class was judged by David Perkins, kennel Pennyworth from England, while the champions were judged by Mr David Graham, kennel Daxlore, France.

Ice was shown in junior class, as he won with a brilliant critique:
“15 months fawn dog. Very eye-catching without being flashy. Excellent head, neck and whole front assembly. Good depth of chest. Lovely topline. Lovely quarters. Excellent condition. A stunning dog!”

He got EXC, CQ and was later Best Junior Male for Janet Littell Adam, kennel Elysian Fields, USA. He ended the day as Best Dog-3 out of 75 males, judged by Mr David Graham. As well chosen for Best Movement competition.

Whisky was judged by Mr David Graham, got EXC, but not placed in the huge champion class.

25.07 was the day for the Sighthound Specialty. Junior class was judged by Janet Littell Adam, kennel Elysian Fields, USA. Ice repeated his placement from the day before, as Best Junior Male, again with an excellent critique: “An extraordinary high quality saluki showing ideal head piece. Good arch & neck. Strong topline. Excellent shoulder placement. Low hocks”.

Whisky was shown in championclass for David Perkins and got EXC. He was also selected as one of seven champions to the last round (out of 17). Very satisfied with his critique too: “Very masculine silver grizzle. Nice shape of head. Nice underjaw. Good overall shape. Good pasterns. Good topline. Well of bone. Long tail. Moved well.” David Perkins, GB.

Whisky & Ice in Norways largest dog magazine “Hundesport”

July 11, 2011


This summer double issue of Norways largest dog magazine “Hundesport” (Dog Sports) offers a series of articles under a common titled “Dog no obstacle”.
Since Whisky & Ice are two guys who are quite well traveled and spend several thousand kilometers in a mobile home; from North Norway’s most beautiful island group, Lofoten, to the Algarve coast in Portugal, it was highly relevant an interview in the magazine.

Here you can download the whole article (sorry, only in Norwegian).
Norwegian Kennel Club put out all the editions of “Hundesport” (Dog Sports) magazine electronically and this edition (nr 6-7) will also be published under this link.

One weekend in Trondheim, BOS and two CAC!

July 2-3, 2011


The weekend 2 – 3 July, we visited Trondheim on the way home from holiday in Lofoten. Two days with Sighthound Specialty and an International Show hosted by the Norwegian Kennel Club.
And it went really good!

On Saturday Sighthound Specialty De JCH VDH JCH EuJgSG-11 FCI-Centenary YW Aziz Ihsan was Best Dog with CAC under judge Anette Edland from Sweden.
The next day on the International Norwegian Kennel Club Dog Show, he was 2nd best male and again won a CAC under judge Eva Ekstam.

This CAC is very important to achieve the Norwegian championchip.
We are now waiting until he is two years, then both the Norwegian and Swedish championchip can be confirmed.

Whisky Best of Breed in Hoisdorf, Germany

June 11, 2011


At the Sighthounds Specialty in Hoisdorf INT CH, S CH, N CH Noor Inca Alfa Romeo Visconti “Whisky” won Best of Breed from working class with VDH and CAC under judge Anette Bystrup from Denmark. He finished the day as one of two in the Best In Show final. The lovely Irish Wolfhound won the BIS, but we are very happy with our result.

Whisky was shown under the same judge at the World Dog Show in Denmark last year, in the same class, got excellent and great critic. But we never got it written, because there was no written reviews on WDS.
So we decided to show him for Anette Bystrup again to have the critic in written this time. And we got it ……. in German …….. and since none of us speak German so we don´t understand half of it …….

Ice – New German Junior Champion – VDH JCH & DE JCH

June 11, 2011


EuJgSG-11, FCI-CentenaryYW Aziz Ihsan “Ice” finished his German junior championship today, when he won the JCAC and JVDH at Sighthounds Specialty in Hoisdorf, Germany. He was also BOS-Junior at the same show under judge Anette Bystrup from Denmark.

Whisky – N SE UCH Noor Inca Alfa Romeo Visconti has been confirmed by the FCI as Champion International de Beauté

June 9, 2011


What a honour! Our boy has been confirmed an International Champion!
He has achieved his qualifying CACIBs in Spain, Portugal and Sweden.

29/03/2009 – Ciudad Real, Spain under Gioacchino Murante from Italy
28/03/2010 – Vigo, Spain under Francisco Ruiz Rodriquez from Spain
04/11/2010 – Costa Azul, Portugal under Zeferino Siva from Portugal
09/07/2010 – Tvååker, Sweden under Roel van Veen-Keur from Netherland.

Confirmed 05/19/2011.

Great weekend at Norwegian Kennel Club Int. Show in Drammen

June 4, 2011


What a weekend, again!
This time both of our boys were shown for Kitty Sjong from Denmark at NKK Int. Show in Drammen. First in the ring of the salukis was Ice in junior class and he ended with Exc. & CQ.  Whisky was entered in champion class and he also ended as 1st with Exc. and CQ. So I had two dogs in the competition class, and it was so nice
that the breeder of Whisky, Kristin Roaas was there and could show him in the finals for best male, with a fantastic result – Best male with CACIB.
Thank you Kristin.

Whisky – CIB N S CH Noor Inca Alfa Romeo Visconti finished the day as Best of Breed with CACIB!

Ice – EuJSg’11, FCI CentenaryJW Ihsan Aziz ending the day as BD-4 and res-CC. This was his ninth show and he has now 6 CC’s and 3 res-CC in 3 different countries. Plus two winning titles. Not bad for a 14 months young boy!

Very proud again!

Ice have got a Swedish CAC, a Swedish champion to be!

May 28-29, 2011


I have no words!
Another great show weekend for Ice – EuJSg´11, FCI-CentenaryJW Aziz Ihsan. This weekend he have been shown in Sweden. There were two dog exhibitions in the Stockholm area.

On Saturday there was a national dog show in Österbybruk Manor. A fantastic place to have an dog show!

Ice was shown in junior class for judge Francisco Ruiz Rodriquez from Spain and ended up as Best Dog -2 with CAC.

This CAC make him be a Swedish champion in the same moment he achieves Norwegian championchip. The rules in both countries are that a dog must be over 2 years old in order to achieve a championship.

Sunday we went to Vallentuna to a Swedish Kennel Club International Show and Ice ended as 3rd best dog with reserve CAC under judge Robert Whitney from Canada! Not bad at all for a such young dog!

FCI-Centenary-Winner-Show & VDH Europasieger-Show

May 7-8,2011


Two perfect days in Dortmund!

May 7, 2011
Both Whisky & Ice entered VDH Europasiger-Show with fantastics results! Judged by Ole J. Staunkjær from Danmark.

Ice won junior class, two different German Junior-CAC and winner titel: VDH-Europajungendsieger´11.
Whisky was shown in championclass and finished as 2. best champion with R-CAC which will be upgraded to normal CAC.

May 8, 2011
FCI-Centenary-Winner-Show judged by Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich.
Ice again won junior class, two different German Junior-CAC and winner titel: FCI-Centenary-Youth-Winner.
Whisky 4. best in champion class.